Person Centred Creative Arts

Writing & Journaling Therapy

If you are interested in one-to-one sessions in Writing or Journaling Therapeutically, or would like to discuss options for sessions for your school, organisation or community groups please get in touch. Further details on all services provided are available below.

Session Types

Individual sessions

1 to 1 writing and journaling sessions are a great way to explore writing for therapeutic reasons. Maybe you want to develop better self awareness or to work through a part of your life by writing down your feelings. Writing in this way can be transformational and helpful to understand why we feel or react the way we do to certain situations. We can also use various other art forms such as doodling, drawing, crafting, sticking and note-making to help progress and development in these sessions. One hour appointments can be booked with me using online video conferencing facilities or in-person in South Essex. To book a session with me click here.

School Sessions

Post pandemic, more children than ever are struggling with anxiety, increased stress levels and their social interactions. Creative writing and journaling sessions in schools can be a great way of allowing children to express themselves in a safe environment, helping to build confidence and resilience whilst also providing a fun and sensory stimulating experience. Using activities focused on creativity and imagination, children will get to write, draw, doodle, stick, story-tell and narrate in a space that is calm, enjoyable and non-stigmatising. Sessions can be in whole classes or small groups for specific children (those with ISPs/EHCPs, dealing with anxiety etc). In-person sessions are available to schools throughout Essex and some London boroughs. Online video sessions can be arranged. To book for your school click here.

Community Sessions

If you run a charity, NPO or Community Group, providing Creative Arts sessions can be a great way to create engagement and add value for your stakeholders. Sessions for groups are completely bespoke dependant on what it is you are looking to achieve and budget requirements (whether you offer this free at point of access covering the cost yourself or whether you charge for access to the service) so it's best to get in touch with your exact requirements and set up a time to have a chat about what you're looking for. Contact me here.