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Let’s get the formalities out of the way – if you’re here then you probably want to know a bit about me! 

Well, I wasn’t always a writer. I started my career in the legal field and thought that was the path I would follow – if you’re over 35 think Ally McBeal and LA Law – if you’re under 35 go look both of those programmes up on the internet immediately!

The ‘law’ was my jam and as a student in the late 90’s/early 00’s I fancied myself as a City Lawyer. I evolved through various iterations of this from working for legal aid solicitors and schlepping around the court circuit in London to ‘off-shore’ compliance law but alas it wasn’t to be and that really came down to one thing – I really, really wanted to be a writer (and writing long, laborious legal reports just wasn’t doing it for me so I needed to find what exactly would do it for me!)

My writing really came about and grew from my move over into academia. In 2014 I took up a new career as a Lecturer, and developed my skills and interests through further studies – I already had my PG Cert but I followed this up with a Masters Degree, and developed this further with Doctoral Research for my PhD.


My particular area of academic expertise lies in telling or re-telling stories that are female centred and discovering (or at least trying to discover) why we still lack a clear societal focus on issues that impact women whether that is in education, the workplace, business, crime and domestic violence or any other sphere of life.     

From my professional interests (and I guess a bit of a combination that stems from my earlier foray into the legal profession) I developed a real personal passion for addressing and advocating for those voices less heard. I am currently focusing my research and writing on:

  • Women and children in the pandemic and how their authentic experiences can be best represented so that they have a clear voice in this future history
  • The broken SEND system within state education and the affects that this has on both children and their parents
  • How global neoliberal policies impact female representation, particularly motherhood and women in the workplace

Of course not only am I an academic, but a specialist in my field of Creative Arts and Industries, including in writing and developing Curriculum within these areas, with my particular expertise laying in Contemporary Writing through an autofictional lens and in how women utilise this mode for self-representation. I’m also an Author and Writer of my own publications – Green Onions been my inaugural novella length work published in 2022.   

Academic Profile:

MPhil(Res), MA (with Merit), PG Cert (with Merit), Dip. PR (with Distinction). I am also a qualified Trainer (Training the Trainer BTEC Professional Qualification L4), IQA, Assessor and Examiner. I am certified in Mental Health Workplace Advocacy, Counselling Skills, Confidence Coaching, Safeguarding, Child Protection and PREVENT. 

Green Onions

‘The 90’s had come to a close and escaping my working-class northern upbringing to the untold freedoms of the big city was my only priority. Fumbling through my early 20’s I devoured my new found adulthood and the circus that came with it. Falling into a strange existence of living through and for another person deep in the knowledge that borderline obsession is never okay but having no desire to stop, the freshly found freedoms of London soon became confines from which I wasn’t sure I could escape’.

Set in early noughties London, ‘Green Onions’ is an honest look at the messy influence that sex, music, desire, and the type of love that you only ever experience once has on this stage of life and why the lessons we learn at this point are the ones that stay with us forever.


• Consultancy

I offer a variety of consultancy services for business, education and not-for-profit within the following areas:

  • Policy research*
  • Consultancy on intersectional motherhood, women’s life writing, collective narratives and pandemic narratives
  • How to write for your audience using various modes of enquiry
  • Curriculum planning, design and development (particular interest in Apprenticeship Standards within Cultural and Creative Industries)
  • Educational consultancy 
  • Creative Writing consultancy across all areas of business, particular focus on Creative and Cultural Industries
*in specialist research areas

• Writing

Writing services, including proofreading and editing, are available for the following:          

  • Writing and drafting of documents
  • Document/Policy review*
  • Speech writing and presentation design*
  • Article writing (traditional and online publications)
  • Proofreading and Editing (provided for most documents at an hourly rate or flat rate fees for one-off projects)
  • Development of proposals, books, adaptations of creative work
  • Workshops for all age groups and abilities (including Primary children at any Key Stage, Adults and groups with Additional needs/SEND)           *in specialist research areas

• Speaking

I am available for Speaking engagements, Conference Presentations and events around the UK and Internationally.

  • Feminist Perspectives through narrative writing
  • Women’s Contemporary life writing
  • Intersectional selves, Intersectionality in Motherhood within Business/Workplace/Careers/ Education and Motherhood
  • Women’s Autofiction, Memoir & Non-Fiction
  • Application of skills development  – education to workplace (Business and Creative Industries only)
  • Pandemic policies affecting women and their representation
  • Confidence Coaching workshops also available


You’ll find all of my planned events here and can book them directly by clicking on the calendar. I’ll be adding planned workshops, online events, speaking engagements and also times when i’m available to book consultancy sessions.


Welcome to my blog! If you haven’t already read enough then why not dip into some of the articles here? As a writer my way of expressing my thoughts and feelings is so often through my words so join me for some frivolous fun, serious subjects and tantilising topics. And if there is anything that you have a burning desire to read do let me know – I love a challenge!


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