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Hello from me at The Mummy Consultancy and Mummy Blog ! Whatever you're visiting for, hopefully you'll find lots of useful information - whether it's information about The Mummy Consultancy Writing and PR services you're looking for or you want to browse our great product reviews and parenting and lifestyle issues on the blog, I think there's something for everyone. So take a seat, grab a coffee (or gin ... or wine) and buckle up, you're about to embark on The Mummy Consultancy journey!

If you're already a mum in business, you'll find that I offer some great professional services through  The Mummy Consultancy.   Writing and PR can make such a huge difference to a small business but many mums just don't have the time to invest in it - and that's where I can help. A press release, a blog post, a product review - I cover them all. Over on the blog pages you'll find lots of interesting insights that will help make your life easier, providing you with advice, business events for mums, inspiration and advice as well as a few laughs along the way.
Are you a mum thinking about going back to work after maternity leave? Have you thought about what you'll do? Do you want a change, or considered a franchise? Has having children completely changed your goals in life?  Have you 'lost' a bit of your spark and 'oomph'? If so one of my workshops on Confidence Building, Writing and Public Relations might be just what you need, plus head over to The Mummy Blog for some great, informative posts about parenting, lifestyle, work and women in business.
The philosophy is simple, I believe mums are well-equipped to be huge successes in business and the workplace, and through empowerment, working together, confidence and training are capable of anything!

The Mummy Blog covers all aspects of parenting, from pregnancy and birth, to the best childcare, plus has some fabulous offers and reviews of products that you'll find really useful.

Through The Mummy Consultancy I offer professional writing services and confidence building workshops to help you or your business be the absolute best, promoting the best image possible and selling yourself in the way that you should.

Contact me to find out how I could help, or how we can work together or why not join the fun over on my group facebook page by clicking here
With a professional career spanning 15 years, mostly working in London and Europe I, like many other mums, found myself in a position where I was unable to go back to the job I was in before having my first child, but needing (and wanting) to work - there was just no way I could justify not utilising my skills and brain! 

I saw so many mums 'going it alone', setting up businesses, becoming self-employed or 'career changing' but continuing to struggle getting it all done - sometimes there are just too many things to juggle! I'd always written professionally, from business reports and analysis, to induction and training programmes and articles and newsletters on a freelance basis plus I've worked in business as well as being a Confidence Coach and qualified Trainer - put that all together and that's how 'The Mummy Consultancy' and 'Mummy Blog' was born!

Now my hope is that by providing professional PR and Writing services, as well as Confidence Coaching, to mums in business or to mums looking to move back into employment after a break, and through 'The Mummy Blog' more and more women will be empowered to return to work, be confident in making a career change or sucessfully run their own businesses whilst bringing up a family and achieving that balance that we're all eternally searching for.

Fiona Brown - Founder
Born - Yorkshire
Lives - Essex
Married with 2 children
Qualifications -
MA Creative Writing, Media Management
Dip Public Relations
Confidence Coach & Qualified Trainer

Worked -
Public and Private Sector, London, Leeds, Europe
Freelance Writer for a variety of publications
Speaker on a variety of topics surrounding Parenting and Women in Business
Experienced proofreader and editor